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Package Delivery to Bolivia

Package delivery to Bolivia is somewhat challenging as the cost of courier services is very high and regulations make it harder than usual, add to that the almost non -existent communication channels and it creates many bottle necks in the process. Longer than normal wait times are expected using regular delivery channels.

With agents and representatives in major cities in Bolivia we take the guesswork out of package delivery. We have designed a solution that makes it easy and more efficient to get most types of packages on time to its destination in Bolivia.

Packaging Delivery Services to Bolivia Simplified.

Let us assume that you purchase products regularly from the USA and would like them delivered to you in La Paz Bolivia.  Most online retailers will not ship to Bolivia. Your best bet is to have the packages delivered to a 3pl company in Miami  that offers Consolidation Services to Bolivia.

Shipping one package at a time will be costly, you will have to wait until a few packaged have been received, inspected and consolidated into one simple shipment to be sent to Bolivia.

Our Air freight Services to Bolivia are very economical and dependable. In this case, we will ship the consolidated cargo to La Paz where our agent will help you clear the shipment through customs and deliver it to your door or you can arrange for these services yourself.  We will remain engaged until the transaction is complete

We also offer Ocean Freight Services to Bolivia. Ocean shipping to Bolivia is rather challenging as Bolivia is a land locked country with no ports.  Almost 90 % of all ocean cargo is shipped through Arica, Chile then the cargo is transported via Truck to the Bolivian Customs facility in either La Paz or Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in Exporting from Bolivia , we can also provide full logistics services from Bolivia to any part of the world whether buy air or ocean.



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Shipping to Bolivia

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