Shipping to Morocco

When shipping to Morocco, you need to pay special attention to the import procedures and regulations. Utilizing the services of  International freight forwarders will prove to be beneficial on helping avoid the pitfalls and delays.

The following documents are required for all imports or exports

  1. An Import or Export license representing the items being handled.
  2. Commercial Invoice
    • Full description of items in French
    • Harmonized code for the products being handled
    • Value of goods
    • Currency
    • Date format should be in mm/dd/yyyy
  3. Import commitment (for imports): Authorization provided by the foreign exchange office.
  4. Customs declaration provided by customs office, to be completed for all shipments.

For free imports, the importer must sign a commitment for imports on form “Commitment for Import”, import license, preliminary import declaration in French. The commitment to import must be filed with an authorized bank.

For exemption from duties, an application for exemption from duties is lodged with The Ministry of Foreign Trade.

In case of imports, you can make an advance payment of the duties.

Shipping to Morocco from the USA

The United States and Morocco signed a trade agreement whereby US products receive lower tariffs.

If shipping from the USA to Morocco, you need the following documents:

  1. Bill of Lading issued by a freight forwarder showing Morocco as the country of destination.
  2. Invoice issues by the U.S. Company addresses to the company in Morocco
  3. Certificate of Non-Manipulation

“International freight forwarders”, are usually familiar with import and export regulations from and to Morocco.  Should you have any questions about exporting to Morocco, contact “International 3PL” at 305-800-7447



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