Impact of EU South America Trade Agreement

As the European Union and South America Agreement will take effect in the near future and the flow of goods starts across the Atlantic, it is clear that two blocks will immensely benefit from such a deal. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay are expected to export beef, Dairy Products and agricultural products. The European Union […]

Shipping to Morocco

When shipping to Morocco, you need to pay special attention to the import procedures and regulations. Utilizing the services of  International freight forwarders will prove to be beneficial on helping avoid the pitfalls and delays. The following documents are required for all imports or exports An Import or Export license representing the items being handled. […]

Shipping to Bolivia

Package Delivery to Bolivia

Package delivery to Bolivia is somewhat challenging as the cost of courier services is very high and regulations make it harder than usual, add to that the almost non -existent communication channels and it creates many bottle necks in the process. Longer than normal wait times are expected using regular delivery channels. With agents and […]

Flatbed shipping

Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed shipping is sometimes necessary for large size cargo or shipments that require special handling. Sometimes, you need to ship equipment that does not fit in dry van equipment;  Find the flatbed equipment you need quickly and easily. Don’t waste your time looking for flatbed shippers. Just on call will do the job. Flatbed Trailers are one of […]

On time Delivery

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Best Rates to Bolivia

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