International Logistics

International logistics companies are offering additional services in order to compete in an expanding market. Offering  Ocean Freight , Air Freight and Warehousing services is just not enough anymore. International logistics companies need to work as partners with their clients.

Importers are buying their products from more than one country. As an importer, you would like to work with with one company to handle your imports from different countries. This is easier said than done as most Freight Forwarders , do not have representations in all countries. This put pressure on International freight forwarders  to expand their reach to new markets. This expansion was fueled by the increase in demand for new products by e-Commerce companies offering a wide variety of products.

As logistics companies realized the need for  Fulfillment services , expanded their services to order fulfillment  by promoting  3PL Services  to their clients.

As more importers look to streamline the process, they search for  3pl companies that can work with their vendors overseas. Logistics companies responded by adding  Contract Logistics services to their list of growing services.

Now Importers wanted a company to handle their fulfillment and finance their inventory at the same time.  4Pl companies  came to the rescue.

As the demand for goods continues to grow, logistics companies respond by adding new services.



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