Shipping to Bolivia

Shipping to Bolivia

How to Effectively Ship to Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country land locked by 4 countries which make shipping to Bolivia rather challenging. Air freight is not much of an issue however Ocean freight to Bolivia is a bit difficult since Bolivia does not have a sea port to receive containers. Ocean shipments mostly arrive to the port of Arica in Chile and then transported via Truck to Bolivia.

Shipping to Bolivia

Heavy and large cargo are cheaper to ship by sea than by air. Airlines charge by weight, whereas shipping charges are based mainly on the volume of goods shipped – normally per 20’ or 40’ container. Sharing containers with other customers is a very cost-effective way to do it, but containers won’t ship until they’re filled, so you’ll need to be willing to wait for it if you’re going to consolidate your load.

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Bolivia Export Offers the following Shipping Services to Bolivia

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