Miami Travertine

Best Prices on Miami Travertine Tile and Pavers

Floor Giant continues to be the leader in innovation and in offering more flooring products.
Floor Giant has been an continues to be the premier Miami Travertine Dealer. Our purchasing power gives us the ability to offer a large variety of travertine flooring products at incredible prices.

Travertine Flooring products are  a great flooring choice for your Home. It is one of the most durable flooring options on the market. It adds style and warmth to any home.

Miami Travertine

It is available in different styles, sizes and finishes. It can be used anywhere in the home.
Travertine Flooring tiles  are used for indoor such as floors and walls. Pavers are used for outdoors such as driveways, pool decks, patio areas etc.

Popular travertine tiles include Ivory travertine, Noce travertine, Durango travertine, Silver travertine, Navona travertine, and Osso travertine.
Popular travertine tile finishes include honed and filled travertine, honed unfilled travertine, polished and filled travertine, and tumbled travertine. The most common size of travertine tiles are 18×18 tiles, due to block sizes. Other sizes include 12×24, and 24×24 tiles. We recommend all travertine tiles are sealed before and after installation to protect against staining and making it easier to clean additional grout.

We are the stone tile specialists, providing the highest quality Travertine flooring the most competitive prices in The USA.
Price is important but so is customer service. We work with leading interior designers and architects who demand exceptional quality, courtesy and professionalism.

It is a natural stone such as Marble, Limestone, Slate etc.  Floor Giant makes it easy for you to get the best Flooring styles at the best price. Our network includes many reputable  Flooring companies that will provide you with excellent service.

Travertine flooring should be your choice for your next project.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. and south America. Contact Miami shipping company at 305-915-8024

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